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Sewing Series #3 – VOILA! fini! pants yipeeeee January 26, 2007

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Sewing Series – VOILA! fini!

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Sewing Series #3 happened Saturday, Jan 20 and well, it was an adventure! Our irons got so hot the fire department came! It’s true! But the fire department came because another group burned something in the oven. Our irons were still pretty hot anyway. We were all able to make a pattern, cut and sew the pants by the end of the day. And…I’m happy to report that the pants all fit!

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Sewing Series #1 October 25, 2006

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Today was the Session #1 of the Sewing Series – Learn How to Use Your Sewing Machine (and Maintain It Too!). It was loads of fun, threading machines, winding bobbins, figuring out the tension and sewing buttonholes!!!

Save the date: Session #2, Saturday, November 18, Make Your Own Tote Bag. Email if you think you can make it.