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Sewing Series #3 – VOILA! fini! pants yipeeeee January 26, 2007

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Sewing Series – VOILA! fini!

Originally uploaded by zannestar.

Sewing Series #3 happened Saturday, Jan 20 and well, it was an adventure! Our irons got so hot the fire department came! It’s true! But the fire department came because another group burned something in the oven. Our irons were still pretty hot anyway. We were all able to make a pattern, cut and sew the pants by the end of the day. And…I’m happy to report that the pants all fit!

Read more about the Sewing Series here! 


3 Responses to “Sewing Series #3 – VOILA! fini! pants yipeeeee”

  1. Kudos Zanne! Way to lead the group to a pant victory … through fire hazards and all. A true hero’s journey! — Tina’s little pink pants look soooo cute! And my goodness Jen, is Emmett really that tall now? They grow like weeds.

    Sew on to another victory! Looking forward to seeing more updates.


  2. Tina Cornell Says:

    Thanks again Zanne!!!
    This was SOOO much fun, I still can’t believe that we made these. They fit Summer really well and look adorable.
    You are a fabulous teacher. I’m so bummed I’ll miss the pillow project but I’ll be back for more!


  3. Robin Tesoro Says:

    This was awesome!!! Cant wait for more classes.

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