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Stuff to Make October 30, 2006

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I’m always researching projects.  Trying to find new stuff to make with the kids.  I subscribe to Kids Craft Weekly, it’s a funky and cool arts and crafts weekly newsletter from a mom in Australia.  She has a theme each week and gives her readers a list of activities (arts and crafts) around the theme.  It’s great for those moments of, “What am I going to do now?”

What’s your favorite project?   Where do you find your projects?  Post a comment!


One Response to “Stuff to Make”

  1. Try putting the GAK recipe that I sent to you in berry baskets and then hang them from the ceiling. You can even hang a few under one another and watch it work its way through – it’s a ooey gooey sensory blast.

    Also, go fishing (or go to the market) and get a few large fish, paint them and then use them to make fish prints. Slimy super-fun.

    I’m all about the sensory experience for Izzy age anyway.

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