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Mystic Aquarium October 26, 2006

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Save the date – Friday, November 10, we will be heading down to this fabulous place for a little fish/water time. We are making a group reservation, so if you want to join us – email

I (zanne) love aquariums. I remember visiting the Baltimore Aquarium on school trips in High School. It is one of my favorite memories. Those amazing glass windows letting us glimpse into the lives of sea animals just took my breath away. When we lived in Seattle and one of our friends had a young child, we would visit the Seattle Aquarium on a regular basis. They had a jellyfish exhibit: you could walk through this “tank” and the jellys were swimming all around you. Dreamy.

Here are some more links about Mystic, Connecticut.

Other Aquariums:

A list of Public Aquariums in the USA


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