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Sewing Series #1 October 25, 2006

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For more pictures of the Sewing Series click here!

Today was the Session #1 of the Sewing Series – Learn How to Use Your Sewing Machine (and Maintain It Too!). It was loads of fun, threading machines, winding bobbins, figuring out the tension and sewing buttonholes!!!

Save the date: Session #2, Saturday, November 18, Make Your Own Tote Bag. Email if you think you can make it.


2 Responses to “Sewing Series #1”

  1. Sienna Wildfield Says:

    Oh boy these sewing classes look like fun! I’m on the search of a used (read “cheap) sewing machine so I too can participate. Anyone have one I could at least borrow?

    First I must learn to thread a needle. (ha ha)

    Sienna Wildfield

  2. […] I’ve launched a Sewing Series – you can read a little about Session #1 here and I am working on getting the materials and patterns ready for Session #2 – Make your own Tote Bag. I decided to offer 2 patterns (or help those who wanted to design their own…). So I’ll be doing the super basic roomy tote (stay tuned – I’ll post the pattern here after the session). But I was in a local sewing shop – and came across a pair of 6″ bamboo rings…oh inspiration. I googled the rings and bags – to see what was out there…and didn’t find too much (I didn’t look that hard, I have something in mind anyway), so I’ve been busy sketching up ideas and looking through my fabric stash to see what I can find to match the bamboo handles.  I did find some wonderul blue/green wool at a thrift store – after I wash it (a musty yucky smell…)we’ll see if the piece is big enough.  I was going to use the wool to make a gift.  So many projects, so little time. […]

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