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Stuff to Make October 30, 2006

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I’m always researching projects.  Trying to find new stuff to make with the kids.  I subscribe to Kids Craft Weekly, it’s a funky and cool arts and crafts weekly newsletter from a mom in Australia.  She has a theme each week and gives her readers a list of activities (arts and crafts) around the theme.  It’s great for those moments of, “What am I going to do now?”

What’s your favorite project?   Where do you find your projects?  Post a comment!


Goat Rising October 27, 2006

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One of our Family member volunteers had arranged for a field trip to Goat Rising Farm.  The goats are quite beautiful, and the kids enjoyed exploring the farm.  The best part had to be waiting for the ice cream treat (can you see the look in their faces?).

Thanks for setting this up!  Anybody have an idea for another place to visit?  Feel free to post ideas here or contact me ( if you want to host a visit.


Mystic Aquarium October 26, 2006

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Save the date – Friday, November 10, we will be heading down to this fabulous place for a little fish/water time. We are making a group reservation, so if you want to join us – email

I (zanne) love aquariums. I remember visiting the Baltimore Aquarium on school trips in High School. It is one of my favorite memories. Those amazing glass windows letting us glimpse into the lives of sea animals just took my breath away. When we lived in Seattle and one of our friends had a young child, we would visit the Seattle Aquarium on a regular basis. They had a jellyfish exhibit: you could walk through this “tank” and the jellys were swimming all around you. Dreamy.

Here are some more links about Mystic, Connecticut.

Other Aquariums:

A list of Public Aquariums in the USA


Sewing Series #1 October 25, 2006

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For more pictures of the Sewing Series click here!

Today was the Session #1 of the Sewing Series – Learn How to Use Your Sewing Machine (and Maintain It Too!). It was loads of fun, threading machines, winding bobbins, figuring out the tension and sewing buttonholes!!!

Save the date: Session #2, Saturday, November 18, Make Your Own Tote Bag. Email if you think you can make it.


3rd Annual Carving Party October 24, 2006

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click here to see more photos from the pumkin party

Super DUPER thanks to Heather, Sean and Louisa for another fab (my first) Annual Pumkin Carving Party. All the different pumpkins were amazing. I had tons of fun getting the goo out of my pumpkin. What did happen to that big bucket of pumpkin guts? Will Heather, Sean and Louisa be roasting and eating pumpkin seeds for the next 30 years?


Messy Play Days October 18, 2006

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messy play days – 05 – click here to see more photos from Messy Play Day

I think the name says it all. Every Wednesday, during the drop in playgroup from 9:30am to 11:30am come and get in the goo! We paint, we stamp, we glue, we play with moon mud and make contact paper pictures with glitter, leaves, feathers and whatever else will stick.  Kids that don’t want to get into the mess can play with toys or read books.  The perfect chance to make messy stuff and not have it in your house!


Playgroup Open House October 14, 2006

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It’s Baaaaaack!   Playgroup is here again, and what a lot of fun it is this year.  Open House was held Friday, October 6 at the Cummington Community House.  Tasty treats were donated by CFC Members Geri and Mark Pollard of Bread Euphoria  (oh so delicious..Thanks!).  Delicious quiche was baked by The Old Creamery.